Group of ordinary teens are chosen by fate to become extraordinary heroes. join the adventure.


Unleash the power within. Save a world on the brink

The story follows a group of high school students who are transported to a mysterious, fantasy world. They are chosen by powerful beings to become heroes and save the world from an ancient evil that has been sealed away for centuries.

The group is made up of a diverse group of characters, each with their own unique abilities and personal issues. There is Yuki, a kind and gentle girl with the power of healing magic; Taro, a brave and fiercely loyal young man with the ability to control earth; Akira, a cynical and sarcastic boy with the power of telekinesis; and Rina, a quiet and reserved girl with the power of telepathy.

As they journey through the fantasy world, they encounter a variety of challenges and obstacles. They must battle fierce monsters, navigate treacherous landscapes, and overcome their own personal doubts and fears. Along the way, they meet other heroes who join their quest, as well as powerful enemies who stand in their way.

One of their greatest challenges comes in the form of a group of villains known as the Shadow Clan. The Shadow Clan is made up of powerful and skilled fighters who seek to release the ancient evil and bring darkness to the world.

As the group battles the Shadow Clan, they also face personal challenges and must learn to work together as a team. They discover that they have a deep bond and a strong connection, and they begin to rely on each other for support and strength.

As they journey deeper into the fantasy world, they encounter a wide variety of landscapes and environments, each with its own unique challenges and dangers. They visit bustling cities, ancient ruins, and hidden forests, and they encounter all manner of creatures, both good and evil.

As they journey, they also learn more about the history of the world and the true nature of their powers. They discover that they are part of a long line of heroes who have protected the world from darkness for centuries, and that their own powers are connected to the balance of good and evil in the world.

As they learn more about their powers and the world around them, they also face personal challenges and must confront their own fears and doubts. They must confront their past traumas and overcome their own personal demons in order to become the heroes they are meant to be.

As the final battle approaches, the group must make a choice. Will they succumb to the temptation of power and control, or will they stand up for their beliefs and fight for a better future? The fate of the world rests on their shoulders

Shadow clan

The Umbra Legion

The Shadow Clan, a malevolent force lurking in the depths of the fantasy world, emerges as a formidable adversary for our group of high school heroes. Composed of powerful and skilled fighters, the Shadow Clan’s nefarious goal is to unleash the ancient evil that has been sealed away for centuries, casting the world into darkness.



Power : The Umbra Legion

Each member of the Shadow Clan possesses a unique set of abilities, honed through dark rituals and sinister training. Their leader, a cunning and enigmatic figure, orchestrates their every move with a calculated malevolence. Clad in shadowy attire that seems to absorb light itself, the members of the Shadow Clan are shrouded in an aura of mystery and fear.

The encounters with the Shadow Clan prove to be the group’s greatest challenge, pushing them to their limits both individually and as a team. The villains’ relentless pursuit and cunning tactics force our heroes to confront not only external threats but also their internal conflicts and insecurities.

As the battles unfold, the Shadow Clan reveals a connection to the heroes that goes beyond mere opposition. A dark mirror to the group’s unity, the Shadow Clan’s strength lies in their shared malevolence and ruthless determination. The clash between the heroes and the Shadow Clan becomes a symbolic struggle between the forces of good and evil, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Journeying through diverse landscapes, the heroes confront the Shadow Clan in eerie, desolate ruins, under the canopies of ancient, enchanted forests, and within the heart of bustling cities tainted by the Clan’s sinister influence. The Shadow Clan’s dark aura seeps into the very fabric of the fantasy world, creating an atmosphere of tension and foreboding.

As the heroes delve deeper into the mysteries of their powers, they uncover a shared lineage with the Shadow Clan—a revelation that adds complexity to their struggle. The heroes realize that the balance between good and evil, embodied in their abilities, has far-reaching consequences for the fate of the world.

In parallel with their physical battles, the heroes grapple with personal demons and past traumas. Confronting fears and doubts, they undergo a transformative journey, evolving from ordinary high school students into the heroes they are destined to become.

The final battle looms on the horizon, a climactic showdown between the forces of light and the insidious Shadow Clan. The heroes stand at a crossroads, faced with the temptation of power and control. The outcome of their choice will determine not only their individual destinies but also the destiny of the entire world—a world teetering on the edge between salvation and eternal darkness.


Stalwart Geomancer

Taro, a key member of the high school heroes, stands out as a brave and fiercely loyal young man in the fantastical realm. His unique ability to control earth adds a formidable dimension to the group’s collective powers. Taro’s command over the elements manifests in the manipulation of soil, rocks, and even seismic forces.



Power : Stalwart Geomancer

Possessing an unwavering courage, Taro often takes on the role of the group’s frontline defender. His loyalty to his fellow heroes serves as a pillar of strength, and his bravery becomes a source of inspiration for the entire group. In times of peril, Taro’s earth-controlling abilities prove instrumental, shaping the battlefield to their advantage and providing strategic advantages in the face of adversaries.

Taro’s character unfolds as a story of resilience and determination, as he grapples not only with external threats but also with personal challenges. His loyalty is tested, and his bravery is pushed to its limits, mirroring the landscapes he manipulates with his earth-controlling powers.

As the group delves deeper into the fantasy world, Taro’s connection with the earth becomes more profound. He discovers hidden strengths within himself, unlocking the full potential of his abilities. Taro’s journey is not only a physical one, battling monsters and villains, but also a personal one, overcoming doubts and fears to become a true hero.

Nicknamed “Stalwart Geomancer,” Taro embodies the qualities of steadfastness and control over the very ground he treads. His character serves as a symbol of unwavering loyalty and bravery, grounding the group in the face of the fantastical challenges that await them.


Serenity Whisper

The kind and gentle girl in the group of high school heroes, possesses a remarkable gift—she wields the power of healing magic. Her abilities extend beyond the physical, mending wounds and injuries with a touch imbued with soothing energy. Yuki’s compassionate nature extends not only to her magical prowess but also to her interactions with her fellow heroes.



Power : Serenity Whisper

Despite the challenges presented by the fantasy world, Yuki remains a beacon of empathy and kindness. Her soothing presence serves as a source of comfort for the group during moments of peril and uncertainty. Yuki often finds herself playing the role of a nurturing figure, offering encouragement and solace to her comrades.

Her journey unfolds as a quest not only to save the world from the ancient evil but also as a personal exploration of the depths of her own powers. Yuki’s healing magic becomes a symbol of hope amidst the darkness, and her unwavering kindness acts as a counterbalance to the malevolence of the Shadow Clan.

As the story progresses, Yuki’s character undergoes growth, not just as a healer but as an integral member of the team. Her kindness becomes a driving force in unifying the group, creating a strong bond that proves crucial in facing the challenges posed by both external threats and internal struggles.

In the face of adversity, Yuki’s gentle demeanor remains unwavering, proving that kindness can be a formidable force against the shadows that seek to engulf the fantasy world. Her character becomes a testament to the idea that even in the darkest times, a compassionate heart can shine brightly, guiding the way for the heroes on their perilous journey.


Wry Mindbender

Akira, a central figure in the group of high school heroes, brings a contrasting energy to the fantastical journey. With a demeanor characterized by cynicism and sarcasm, Akira adds a unique dynamic to the team. His power of telekinesis allows him to manipulate objects with his mind, a skill that proves both versatile and potent.



Power : Wry Mindbender

Despite his outwardly cynical nature, Akira’s sarcasm often serves as a coping mechanism for the challenges he faces in the fantasy world. His telekinetic abilities, on the other hand, become a crucial asset during battles, providing strategic advantages and surprise tactics against their adversaries.

Akira’s character development unveils layers beyond his initial cynicism. As the story progresses, the reasons behind his sarcastic exterior begin to surface, revealing a more complex and multifaceted individual. The struggles he faces, both within himself and against external threats, contribute to the overall depth of his character.

Nicknamed “Wry Mindbender,” Akira embodies the power of mental manipulation, both in his telekinetic abilities and his sharp, quick-witted responses. His journey is not just about battling external foes but also navigating the intricate landscape of his own emotions and doubts. As the heroes confront the Shadow Clan, Akira’s unique blend of cynicism and telekinesis becomes a defining force, shaping their collective narrative in unexpected ways.


Silent Synergist

Rina, the quiet and reserved member of the high school heroes, possesses a unique and powerful ability—telepathy. Her telepathic powers enable her to connect with the thoughts and emotions of others, creating a silent and profound form of communication within the group.



Power : Silent Synergist

In contrast to the more outspoken members of the team, Rina’s reserved nature hides a depth of sensitivity and empathy. Her telepathic abilities, while formidable, also make her particularly attuned to the emotional currents within the group. As a result, Rina often serves as an emotional anchor, sensing and understanding the unspoken struggles and fears of her fellow heroes.

Nicknamed the “Silent Synergist,” Rina’s telepathic powers contribute not only to the tactical advantage of the group but also to the emotional cohesion among its members. Her quiet strength becomes a stabilizing force, especially during moments of tension and uncertainty.

Throughout the journey in the fantasy world, Rina’s character undergoes subtle transformations as she grapples with the weight of the thoughts and emotions she encounters. Her telepathic abilities, while a source of connection, also pose challenges as she navigates the boundaries of privacy and personal space within the close-knit group.

In the face of the Shadow Clan’s malevolence, Rina’s telepathic prowess becomes a key element in unraveling the mysteries surrounding their adversaries. Her ability to perceive the hidden thoughts of others proves instrumental in anticipating the Shadow Clan’s moves and understanding their motives.

Rina’s journey is one of silent strength, where her telepathic powers, combined with her reserved demeanor, contribute to the intricate dynamics of the high school heroes. As the group faces the looming final battle, Rina’s role as the Silent Synergist becomes even more crucial, weaving a thread of connection that binds the team together in the face of darkness.

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At Ankowa, we believe in the magic of imagination and the power of collaboration. Our journey began with a shared dream—to create a world where creativity knows no bounds. Here’s how it all started:


  • Step 1

    Idea and Sketching


    Brainstormed, sketched heroes, and unveiled the Shadow Clan.

  • Step 2

    Traits and NFT Magic


    Characters came alive, NFTs generated

  • Step 3



    Crafted the landing page, explored TON blockchain.

  • Step 4

    Collaboration Stars


    Summoned a cosmic community, joined forces.

  • Step 5

    Beyond the Stars


    Continue imagination



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